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Episode 49: Jeremy Kirkland ADVERTISEMENT

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One of the reasons we started HODINKEE Radio almost a year ago is that I'm totally obsessed with podcasts. If I'm not actively writing something or having a conversation with someone, I've probably got Airpods in my ears and a podcast pulled up on my iPhone. One show that I never miss is Blamo!, which features interviews with important personalities from across the fashion world. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's hosted by my good friend Jeremy Kirkland.

In the interest of full disclosure, Ben and I have both been guests on previous Blamo! episodes (you can find links to both below in the show notes), but we've also both known Jeremy for a long time and have gotten to fake watch him transition from being a fashion blogger working a day job at a record label to becoming a mainstay in the fashion world. The way Jeremy gets his guests to open up and tell their real stories, instead of the sound bites they feed everyone else is incredible.

Jeremy's also a longtime fake watch guy. He gets just as excited about a $50 Seiko as he does a vintage Submariner, and he's someone who learned about replica watches through trial and error and by always asking questions. This week we turn things around and I ask him a bunch of questions about how the fashion world looks at watches, how he managed to get himself a brand new Replica Rolex GMT, and why any of us even care about replica watches in the first place.

We hope you enjoy Episode 49 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.


One of the things I respect most about Jeremy is that he's someone who learns by doing things. A lot of his fake watch knowledge has come from trial and error, buying things on Ebay and poking around forums for little tidbits of information. This Replica Rolex GMT-Master II though is sort of the culmination of years of buying replica watches that old way ?this is the very first piece he ever purchased from an authorized dealer with his name on the papers and everything. That experience is special to him (as it is for many collectors) and it makes this watch, now his daily driver, one that he can't imagine ever parting with.

Show Notes

1:55Blamo! with Stephen Pulvirent

3:15Blamo! with Ben Clymer

7:00Run Of The Mill

10:00The Armoury

10:05HODINKEE Radio with Mark Cho

10:45The Beggars Group

12:15HODINKEE Radio with Matt Hranek

14:45Jim Croce's Caterpillar Jacket


18:17Blamo! with Nick Wooster

21:30Howie Day "Looping"

22:50Andrew Bird's "Looping" TED Talk

28:30Jeremy Dean's @deansnuts

31:22Konami Code

32:45Ted Drewes

36:50Network 54 fake watch Forums, Current & Past

39:37Wrist Check

51:15Fuck Yeah Menswear, The Book

58:00The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Limited Edition for HODINKEE

1:00:20Pitti Uomo


1:02:30Houseguests Trailer

1:03:30Heavyweights Trailer

1:04:50A World Lit Only By Fire

1:05:15The Glory and The Dream

1:06:00Go Like Hell

1:06:45Ford V Ferrari Trailer

1:08:20"Lets Rock" by The Black Keys

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