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Episode 52: Morgan King, Safe Deposit Boxes, And An Ode To The Speedmaster ADVERTISEMENT

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We're back! While you haven't gotten a new episode of HODINKEE Radio these last two weeks, it's because we've been hard a work retooling the show and fine-tuning all the details. And honestly, I don't think I've been this excited about an episode since we first launched the show a little over a year ago.

The core of HODINKEE Radio has always been about introducing you all to the most interesting and incredible people in the fake watch community. And that's not changing at all. The heart of each episode will still be a conversation with someone special. In addition though, we're going to start each show with a chat amongst our editors, giving you a more in-depth look at fake watch news and what's going on in the HODINKEE universe. So you're going to be getting a lot more Ben, Cara, Cole, Jack, James, Joe, and Jon, as well as some new voices that you might not be familiar with yet. Nothing to argue with there, right?

We're also going to be introducing some more narrative features to the HODINKEE Radio line-up. There are so many great stories to tell about replica watches and the ways they relate to our culture and history more broadly, and sometimes telling those stories the good old-fashioned way is best.

To kick off the new-and-improved HODINKEE Radio, we've got one heck of a fun show for you. To start, Ben, Cara, and I look back at the most important stories to hit the fake watch world since we last brought you an episode, including the safety deposit box horror story reported by The New York Times, the latest anniversary Speedmaster and its 321 movement, and the discovery of Marlon Brando's replica rolex gmt master from Apocalypse Now. Then we have a great interview with super collector and all-around awesome guy Morgan King (who you might remember from his episode of Talking Watches). It's every bit as fun as you'd expect. Finally, Jack brings us some thoughts on why, 50 years later, the Speedmaster moon fake watch still holds so much emotional power.

Let us know what you think of this week's episode and the new format in general! We always love to hear from you and we're really excited about the shows we have for you in the coming weeks.


Morgan King is the only person I know who can legitimately pull off wearing two replica watches as once. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Morgan only wearing one watch. And when you ask him about it, you get a nonchalant "It's about confidence." For our recording, Morgan rolled in rocking a ref. 1680 Replica Rolex "Red Sub" with a Mark I dial and a super clean case on his left wrist and a later rail dial ref. 1655 Explorer II on his right wrist. It's a great example of how two replica watches that, in some ways, are very similar can actually be extremely different. Well done, Morgan. Well done.

Show Notes

3:28Storing replica watches In A Not-So-Safe Deposit Box

7:20 Reference Points: Understanding The Replica Rolex Submariner

12:11 Reference Points: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronographs

12:50 Talking replica watches With David Williams

13:30 Talking replica watches 2 With John Mayer

14:10 Marlon Brando's Replica Rolex GMT-Master From 'Apocalypse Now'

14:20 Twelve Of The Greatest Missing Watches

15:00 The Sale Of Paul Newman's Replica Rolex Daytona

15:22 Talking replica watches With Jack Nicklaus

18:30 HODINKEE Editors Pick Their Very Favorite Speedmaster

24:12 A Cartier Panthère In The Original 'Top Gun'

31:50 Talking replica watches With Morgan King

36:00 Pop Swatch

38:40 1960's Corgi Batmobile

59:40 Morgan's selfie with Drew Barrymore

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