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Episode 55: Photographer Pete Halvorsen And A fake watch On A Secret Mission ADVERTISEMENT

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For the last few weeks I've been traveling on the west coast, working on some pretty incredible projects for HODINKEE. From the HODINKEE Magazine to HODINKEE Radio, we've got some really good stuff coming. I honestly couldn't be more excited about it. But, in the mean time, there have been plenty of awesome stories right here on HODINKEE, and to kick this episode off I sat down with Jack to chat about some highlights. From a diamond-dial replica rolex masterpiece watch that you can still get on a budget to a controversial ultra-light Omega Seamaster to wearing two replica watches at once, there was no shortage of topics to cover.

The main focus this week though is my conversation with Pete Halvorsen, a Los Angeles-based photographer who has followed the winding path of his passions to end up with his dream gig. Pete's someone I've known a long time through the magic of Instagram (where he was an extremely early adopter ?remember the Hudson filter?) but this was the first time we ever got to sit down and chat face-to-face. We cover a ton of ground, including our mutual love of 35mm film photography, why vintage replica watches are more relevant now than ever, and a whole lot more. I have a funny feeling Pete would fit in pretty perfectly around HODINKEE HQ...

To close out the show, our own Cole Pennington shares a previously untold story from the depths of military history. It involves a strange Eberhard fake watch built for navigation, the Italian air force flying halfway across the globe, and a secret mission that's still a bit mysterious. I won't spoil it any more than that ?you'll just have to listen for the rest.

We hope you enjoy Episode 55 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.


The story of family heirloom replica watches is one we hear a lot, but Pete has his own unique take on the usual tale. His father had a 1963 Replica Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 that he wore while serving in the military during the Vietnam War. Upon his return, he sold the fake watch for a sum that will make you wince in hindsight, so there wasn't a timepiece he could actually pass down to Pete. However, all these years later, Pete was able to track down a 1963 Submariner that's nearly identical to the one his father wore, re-igniting the family connection to that watch. And don't worry ?this one he plans to keep and hand down to his son someday.

Show Notes

3:00HODINKEE Radio With Jack Forster

4:30 Doing The Two-Wrist Tango With The Apple fake watch Series 4

5:30Morgan King, Safe Deposit Boxes, And An Ode To The Speedmaster

5:45 Apple fake watch Series 4

10:26 The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light

11:27 RM 27

18:30U.S. Steel fake watch Shortage Good For Gold

22:00 The Longines Master Collection Moonphase

28:30 Pete on Instagram

29:00 HODINKEE Radio With Matt Jacobson

59:15How Daniel Wellington Made a $200 Million Business Out of Cheap replica watches

1:08:00 HODINKEE Radio With Om Malik

1:09:39Talking replica watches With Keegan Allen

1:09:40 Talking replica watches With Howie Kendrick

Photo (Top): Randall Slavin

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